Sexologist से बात करने में न करें देर आज हमसे संपर्क करें

About Laxmi Ayurved

We Have 20 Years of experince

Laxmi Ayurved Bhawan is an Ayurvedic Clinic where Male Sexual Problems as well Female Sexual Problems is cured by Ayurvedic Medicine as well as counseling. It is an Ideal Healing Chamber Providing Perfect Herbal Treatment for all Kinds of Male and Female Sexual Disorders. The Sexual Dysfunction is treated here in a most personalised way as every person is unique and his/her reasons of sexual problem can be different and hence every person is treated specially at this clinic. Our clients are from various cities and states.

जब है समाधान तो क्यों हैं परेशान | गुप्त रोग विशेषज्ञ डॉक्टर अजय कुमार तिवारी से संपर्क करे.

Our Mission

I observed that sexual disorder is also a disease and must be treated as early as possible like any other disease in order to enjoy happier, healthier, successful and satisfied married life. Life without a satisfied and successful sex relation is incomplete. Besides all that – “Sex is an art of life and part of life”.

Our Vision

During my studies and Awards winning research work done on sexology I gained a lot of knowledge about treatment of sexual problems and I decided to pass on my experience and knowledge to general public who are having sexual problems, myths and diseases.

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