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Masturbation Treatment (हस्तमैथुन)

Masturbation is a characteristic propensity in both the sexes during their life time. Nonstop masturbation in men will certainly leads to undesirable curvature and flow of penis and in ladies clitoris loses its sensitivity because of unpleasant utilization of their fingers on clitoris. Later they may not get normal joy or climax in intercourse after their marriage.

“Hasthmaithun” can also cause physical problems such as irritated or broken skin, swelling of the genitals, and cramps. Excessive masturbation cause low concentration, for some people difficult to engage in positively, especially in those with sexual dysfunction or a history of abuse. These people may find it very embarrassing or even distressing to engage in masturbation. Frequently habit of masturbation could impact your sexual relationship with your partner.

चेतन अवस्था में जानबूझकर स्वयं की इंद्रिय को खुद के हाथ से घर्षण करके मन, मस्तिष्क एवं इंद्रियों को उत्तेजित कर कामेच्छाकी पूर्ति करने को हस्तमैथुन कहा जाता है इसे हस्तक्रिया मास्टरबेशन और हॅंड प्रॅक्टीस आदि नामों से भी जाना जाता है | इसे हस्तक्रिया Masturbation और Hand Practice आदि नामों से भी जाना जाता है | इस अंग्रेज़ी शब्द की उत्पाती लैटिन शब्द मास्टरबेरी (अपने आपको अपवित्र करना) से हुई है | गुप्त रोगों का इलाज करवाये झारखंड के सबसे बेहतरीन डॉक्टर.तिवारी से.

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  • At LAXMI AYURVED BHAWAN, we provide a number of treatment options to help to solve all sexual problem for male and female. We also provide experienced counsellor for Masturbation Addiction Treatment in Dhanbad, Jharkhand and surrounding. Self pleasuring is a normal process during the growing up age. The issue, is when a person(both men and women) get addicted to it and start depending on it for pleasure. Over-masturbation does have a lot of side effects and it is better to treat it early on when you realize it is an issue. Some side effects are as below-

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Back Pain and discomfort
  • Testicular discomfort and pain
  • Penis Shrinkage
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Hair Loss


  • We understand the reality sexual medical issues are simply regular issue out there, yet numerous individuals would prefer not to visit the specialist or any clinic with the end goal of comfort boundary or due to shame. Particularly places like Dhanbad, Bokaro or any spot in Jharkhand individuals hesitate to come with their sexual medical issues. However, at LAXMI AYURVED BHAWAN you are in a protected space., which maintain each privacy. We use Ayurvedic medicines and different Ayurveda medication. Thus, in the event that you have been facing such issues, it is the right place to eradicate all sexual problem from root cause.


  • Allopathy medicines can be harsh on your health over the long haul. Additionally, numerous allopathy analysis strategies are difficult and painful. With us, you won't face any of these issues. Thus, with us, you will get all-regular methods of diagonosis alongside all various types of herbal medicines that are produced using various plant extracts.if you have been looking for a place where you can talk about several sexual disorders that you have been facing, then you can definitely trust us. The treatment process is not expensive at all. There is no expensive diagnosis process involved. Consultation of our Ayurved Expert is free and the medicines are pretty cheap and affordable.We deliver medicines all over India and that is why if you have been traveling anywhere in India, we will deliver medicines to any address that you provide. We dedicate a complete service to our patients.

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